Incident at Deception Ridge

Incident at Deception Ridge 1994

When a double-crossing husband runs off with his wife's ransom money, her kidnappers come after him and the missing money. He leads them on a treacherous journey through the wilderness.


Frostfire 1994

In the Northern Arctic, an illness is killing animals and people. Reporter Victoria Renko reveals a deadly cover-up while a young Inuit is struggling with his Inuit heritage and his solitude. Stars Mosha Cote, Wendy Crewson.

The Escape

The Escape 1998

Clayton, at the age of nineteen, is convicted for a crime he did not commit. Ten years afterwards, after having taken all the abuses against him in prison, he decides to escape, without caring about the consequences.


Dagmamman 2013

Malla and her husband are drifting apart. When Malla gets a new daycare child, she understands how lonely she is.

Mama und der Millionär

Mama und der Millionär 2005

The single mother Leonie has great worries: Since her ex-boyfriend left her a huge debt mountain, knows the young cosmetics saleswoman hardly how to make a living. In her distress, Leonie decides to catch a millionaire. She is on the verge of falling in love with her new colleague Oliver. What Leonie does not suspect: The alleged temporary worker is in truth no less than the son of her employer - and thus a "real" millionaire

Particular Men

Particular Men 1972

A fictitious but powerful look at the dawn of the nuclear age, this stage performance follows several government scientists as they develop the atomic bomb, grapple with the morality of their work, and confront major problems with their superiors. Written by award-winning playwright Loring Mandel, this riveting production stars Stacy Keach, Alice Drummond, Lois Smith, Clifton James and Verna Bloom.

The Metamorphosis - A Study: Nabokov on Kafka

The Metamorphosis - A Study: Nabokov on Kafka 1989

Vladimir Nabokov, widely considered one of the world's greatest writers for such works as _Lolita_, was also a remarkable professor at Cornell University. Here, Plummer portrays the witty Nabokov, providing an entertaining and insightful lecture upon "Metamorphosis," Kafka's bizarre story about a man who wakes up one morning to discover he has turned into a giant bug.